I am starting school box – Reception

I am starting school box – Reception

This fabulous, brand new box is full of engaging, exciting resources for any child due to start Reception!

The A4 letter box sized box, which comes with a personalised sticker on the front contains the following resources:

  • I am learning to recognise, form and write my name:
    • Choose your choice of colour
    • An A4 laminated sheet
    • The child forms their name using the letters on hook and loop dots, making it interactive
    • Follow the arrows to form the letters in their name
  • I am learning to order numbers to 20:
    • A4 laminated sheet, the socks have hook and loop dots enabling them to be moved
    • Due to the format of this resource, you are able to use any combination of numbers, e.g. 1-5, 1-10 etc
  • I am learning to recognise numbers and count amounts:
    • This forms a big part of learning in Early Years – the child chooses a number then counts out that number of objects (1-10)
    • The resource is laminated; the number cards and objects have hook and loop dots
  • I am learning to form letters:
    • The aim of this resource is to help children form single letter sounds, comes as 2 double sided A4 laminated sheets
    • Each sound is represented by a picture to aid the child and each one is to be written 3 times
  • I am learning to form numbers:
    • The aim of this resource is to help children form single letter sounds, comes as 1 double sided A4 laminated sheet (numbers 1-10)
    • Each number is represented by a picture with that many items, e.g. 1 sun)
  • I am listening for the first sound in words – Go Shopping!:
    • This is a fabulous resource, which has a range of aims. It aims to help children to: hear the initial sound in words, recall and identify letter sounds (phase 2 and phase 3 phonemes, e.g. j, v, w etc), name basic everyday objects and understand their use, have fun and engage with their learning – this is so important!
    • It is suitable for children aged 3+ who are just starting to become aware of sounds
    • The winner is the first player to fill their shopping basket!
  • I am learning to recognise phase 2 sounds:
    • This is the first set of sounds children learn at school
    • There are 23 cards each measuring 12.64cm x 9.23cm
    • Each card has a picture of an object starting with that sound
  • I am learning to recognise numbers to 20:
    • Comes as a laminated set of 20 flashcards
    • Each number is accompanied by that number of objects, e.g. number 6 has 6 stars etc)
  • ‘Isaac’s first day at school’ book:
    • This story explores Isaac’s first day at school – it addresses both nerves and excitement
    • It also explores different parts of the child’s day, e.g. circle time, lunchtime etc
  • A dry wipe pen and mini whiteboard rubber (colour will vary)
  • A guidance sheet exploring the different skills that children will benefit from having prior to starting school:
    • These skills are so important, just as much as being able to recognise their name
    • Includes skills such as putting on their own coat, sharing with others, etc


  • The font used in our starting school box is the same as the one used in most schools and nurseries and so forms the letters and numbers correctly
  • Each resource comes with a parent/carer information and guidance sheet
  • They all link to the Early Years Curriculum and the National Curriculum which are used in schools and nurseries


Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts


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