I am learning to write words – phase 5 sounds

I am learning to write words – phase 5 sounds
  • The aim of this resource is to practice applying the phase 5 sounds into words (when using the government phonics scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’)
  • Phase 5 sounds can be quite tricky as they contain split digraphs such as a-e – cake so lots of practise with these sounds is needed
  • Each word has a picture and sound buttons to help – single sounds are represented by a short line; digraphs (e.g. ph, ue) and split digraphs (e.g. u-e, a-e) are represented by a longer line
  • The resource comes as 2 double sided A4 sheets and is laminated making it long lasting
  • The font used in this resource is the same as the one used in most schools and nurseries and so forms the letters correctly
  • Comes with a parent information and guidance sheet to support the adult where needed
  • This resource links to the Early Years Curriculum and the National Curriculum which are used in schools and nurseries