I am learning to rhyme – rhyming word game

I am learning to rhyme – rhyming word game
  • The aim of this resource is to practice reading words and matching those which rhyme
  • This is a PDF downloadable resource – you will need a printer and also a laminator to make it stronger and longer lasting – this resource comes as a set of 25 pairs of rhyming cards each measuring 9.04cm x 5.55cm
  • Play as a matching rhyme game; highly effective and fun
  • In each pair one card has a picture, the other the rhyming word
    • Contains the following type of words:

CVC words, e.g. bed – red, leg – peg;
CVCC words, e.g. as vest – nest;
CCVC words, e.g. drum – plum

  • The font used in this resource is the same as the one used in most schools and nurseries and so forms the letters correctly
  • Comes with a parent information and guidance sheet
  • This activity links to the Early Years Curriculum and the National Curriculum which are used in schools and nurseries