Go shopping – a phonics game

Go shopping – a phonics game
  • This is a fabulous new resource, which has a range of aims. It aims to help children to:
    • hear the initial sound in words
    • recall and identify letter sounds (phase 2 and phase 3 phonemes, e.g. j, v, w etc)
    • name basic everyday objects and understand their use
    • have fun and engage with their learning – this is so important!
  • It is suitable for children aged 3+ who are just starting to become aware of sounds
  • There are a range of different parts to this game:
    1. 2 A4 shop ‘shelves’ with objects on
    2. 24 object picture cards measuring 3.73cm x 4.75cm
    3. 24 letter sound cards measuring 6.91cm x 4.79cm
    4. 2 A4 shopping baskets
    5. 6 A5 game cards (3 sets of 2 in total)
  • Players take turns to turn over a sound card and look on their game card to see if they have that letter sound; if they do they go shopping and put the corresponding item in their shopping basket.
  • The winner is the first person to fill their basket
  • The font used in this resource is the same as the one used in most schools and nurseries and so forms the letters correctly
  • The resource also comes with a parent information and guidance sheet
  • Comes in an A4 box