Christmas Activity Box – 3 year old

Christmas Activity Box – 3 year old

Our amazing new Christmas activity boxes are the idea gift in the run up to Christmas and will help to build up their skills and learning at the same time!

This box is aimed at 3 year olds (nursery aged), although depending on the stage of the child is suitable for older or younger children too. All resources are laminated, thus making them long lasting.

This Christmas Activity Box includes:

  • I am learning number rhymes – includes Christmas rhyme: 5 Little Elves, 5 Mince Pies, I’m a Little Snowman, It’s Christmas Time
  • I am learning to control a pen – children use a pen to follow the lines of the Christmas images – includes, circles, straight lines and diagonal lines – all vital skills in the pen control journey
  • I am learning to order by size – order festive images by size; a great way to develop mathematical language
  • I am learning to match silhouette shapes – match up the gifts to their silhouette; this helps to develop thinking and reasoning skills
  • I am learning to use 2D shapes – use the shapes to form pictures; lots of opportunities for discussion and language building
  • I am learning to decorate a Christmas tree – let their creativity flow and decorate their own tree!


  • These wonderful activities come in an A4 box and includes a FREE dry wipe pen and rubber (colours will vary)
  • All resources have been planned and designed in line with the new Early Years curriculum
  • The font used is the same as that utilised by most schools and nurseries with correct letter formation
  • All activities come with a parent/carer information sheet which aims to support the adult