Great Summer Holiday Activity Bundle for 3 year olds

Great Summer Holiday Activity Bundle for 3 year olds

Is your child starting Nursery in September? Our summer holiday bundles fantastic time fillers and full of resources ideal to prepare them for September!

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Our special bundle which is aimed at 3 year olds contains the following 6 resources:

  1. I am learning to match numbers to 5
    Help your child to practice ordering numbers to 5.
  2. I am learning to match 2D shapes
    The child with this resource is able to practice recognising and matching 2D shapes, this includes the basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles and rectangles.
  3. I am learning to match the same – items found at home (4 sheets)
    Using this resource can be used to help children match objects found in different rooms of the house – living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It comes with 4 sheets.
    Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts.
  4. I am learning to look carefully and match up objects (3 sheets)
    The aim of this resource is to practice matching objects which are the same.
    It includes an A4 ‘I Spy’ sheet and 4 separate lists – all have hook and loop dots making it engaging and interactive for the child. The resource comes with 3 sheets.
  5. I am learning to control a pen (7 sheets)
    When using this, the child is able to practice holding and controlling a pen. The activity has different shapes and patterns to enable them to practice their pen control. It even has 7 A4 sheets as part of the resource.
  6. I am learning to match objects to their colour (2 sheets)
    This resource’s aim is to match items of the same colour. It is laminated making it long lasting and comes with hook and loop dots making it interactive for the child.

All resources within our great summer holiday bundle include:

  • All resources in the bundle are laminated making them long lasting.
  • Some come with hook and loop dots to enable children to play them time and time again.
  • The font used in the resources is the same as the one used in most schools and nurseries and so forms letters and numbers correctly.
  • They all link to the Early Years Curriculum as used in schools and nurseries.
  • The resources are CE certified.

The bundle is hole punched in an A4 sturdy ring binder – colours will vary.


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